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About Us

The Cramer family has been involved in the agriculture industry since the 1920s. Olin Cramer owned a 3,000 chicken egg farm in Walnut, California where he made his own feed. Star Milling Co. was purchased over 40 years ago with a goal of producing bulk chicken feed for his own birds. We've come a long way, and now feed 2.5 million chickens, as well as horses, fish, hogs, rabbits, dogs, cats, livestock, and birds.

The Cramer family is proud of the tremendous growth and success of the company. Yet more fulfilling is that the animal feed mill still functions on the principles on which it was founded. Bill Cramer, president and owner of Star Milling, said, "It's still family owned, with a personal commitment to quality and good manufacturing practices."

Star Milling Animal Feed Company Video

Bill's father, Richard, got his start in the egg business in the 1950s after graduating from college. In the 1960s he began producing feed for his own farms and other farms as well. In 1970, he bought Star Milling Co. in Perris, California. This modern commercial mill had been built about 8 years earlier and was in a great location where the family business could be relocated from the old mill in Anaheim.

Since 1970, the mill has continued to grow and diversify. In 1988, to expand their line, the extruder was put into place for the manufacturing of dog food, cat food, and commercial fish food. Many other additions to the mill have been made. They include new electrical and computer systems that increased automation and added storage in the form of large grain tanks for corn and warehouse additions for finished sack feed. A fully automated bagging system that uses a robot to palletize all the sacks was installed in 2002.

The animal feed mill continued to expand in 2013 to keep up with increasing demand. First, the extrusion system was upgraded to handle 20% more capacity. Later in the year, Star Milling acquired another feed facility in Southern California to ensure the infrastructure was in place for even greater expansion in the future.

In 2014, Star Milling was selected as a California Small Business of the Year by Assemblyman Medina for “serving the region for over 40 years” and “personal commitment to quality and good manufacturing practices.” In 2018, a Hamer-Fischbein Model 1800 RBH automatic bagging system and RPM Basic Robotic Palletizer were installed at the mill to significantly increase the quantity of animal feed production.

Star Milling has the equipment and the technical knowledge to produce a wide range of feeds for many species that other suppliers lack. It isn't just the mill itself that produces the feed. The employees at Star Milling Co. are loyal, conscientious, and have a true concern for the customer.