Star Milling

Custom Manufacturing

star milling branded truck

Thank you for your interest in our private label services. We have more than 40 years of experience manufacturing high quality, safe, and nutritious animal feed. Star Milling Company private labels custom formulations for numerous major brands of feeds, pet foods and commercial fish food. We operate a Safe Feed/Safe Food facility under the standards of the Facility Certification Institute (FCI). Our facility is also Monensin-free and we do not blend antibiotics, anthelmintics, coccidiostats, or ionophores into any of our feeds.

One of the many benefits of using Star Milling Co. as your producer of fine animal feeds is our ability to run low minimums per formulation. The minimum requirement on all feeds is only five tons. Tonnage discounts are offered as orders increase in volume. Our automatic bagging system and robotic palletizer allow us to efficiently mass-produce pelleted, extruded, and textured feeds.

Star Milling Company has the ability to offer our expertise in formulations or recommend species-specific nutritionists to offer guidance on your current formulations. We have strong relationships with many packaging manufacturers and would be glad to assist you with the private labeling process.

We can ship your product anywhere in the United States. Star Milling is also currently shipping products internationally to Japan, Mexico, Philippines, and Malaysia.