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Asman & Associates

Star Milling is proud to announce its partnership with Asman & Associates. Joanne Asman has been managing equestrian performers for the past 19 years, most notably champion Andalusians that have been featured in cinema, print ads, magazines and a long standing NCAA mascot. Please visit her link below for more information.

TDI Horse Feeds

Since 1970, TDI has brought the industry the finest equine rations that modern research could produce. With partner manufacturers across the United States and Canada as well as International distributors all around the Pacific Rim (from Japan to Singapore to Australia to Chile and numerous countries in between and beyond). Involving the nutritional guidance and expertise of leading equine nutritionists, TDI remains in the forefront with equine feeds and nutritional assistance.

Lucerne Farms

Lucerne Farms, producers of the highest quality chopped bag forage on the market, understands the importance of forage in the equine diet. The first to introduce a product of this nature to the United States, they continue to be the leader in the industry over 22 years later. Their unique drying process ensures consistency from bag to bag by effectively locking in nutrients that are lost during the traditional sun-curing process. Taking great pride in running every aspect of the farming and production of their bagged forage, this family farm is able to produce a consistent, high quality, dust and mold free, chopped forage.

Lucerne Farms offers different blends for horses at every level in every stage of life. All can be fed as a grain complement (mixed into the feed bucket with grain and supplements), fiber supplement, or hay replacement when needed. As a grain complement, Lucerne Farms forage can help increase digestibility and performance of grain and supplements by increasing saliva production and chew time while promoting even tooth wear. Feeding Lucerne Farms as a fiber supplement between meals can not only help reduce the risk of ulcers, but also ensures your horse is getting the proper amount of fiber in a form that is more beneficial to their physical and mental health. Senior horses and horses suffering from respiratory issues find the chopped, mold and dust extracted nature of Lucerne Farms forage to be the perfect hay replacement. Whether it's the champion in the show ring or the champion in the back yard, horses benefit when fed Lucerne Farms forage.

Ranch Way Feeds

Ranch-Way Feeds manufactures high quality animal feeds, producing over 60,000 tons of feed annually. Star Milling Company is a West Coast supplier of Ranch-Way Feeds’ organic poultry products.

Ranch-Way Feeds formulates and manufactures according to research-based National Research Council (NRC) guidelines to meet the nutritional requirements of each species. It is Ranch-Way’s goal to manufacture every feed order quickly and efficiently, while providing customers with a product that is safe, clean, consistent in appearance.

Source One Feeds

Source One Feeds was established in 1975 to provide a healthy alternative to conventional feeds. The feeds were formulated by Dr. Charles Hubbell, international nutritionist.

Star Milling offers Source One Horse 14% and Immune One at feed stores near you.