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A crease down the back is more likely but not required for this score; muscle type will influence the crease distinction down the back. The ribs can be felt with more pressure during palpation, but there is noticeable filling of fat between the ribs. The fat around the tailhead is noticeably soft. Fat is evidence with palpation around the withers, behind the shoulders, and along the neck. Withers are round in appearance. Rump is round and will have more bloom than CS #6; beginning of the apple shape rump that typifies a fat horse.

  • Withers are round in appearance; neck and shoulder show fat and are easily visible.
  • Fat pad behind shoulder is spongy.
  • Individual ribs can be felt but not seen; noticeable filling between ribs.
  • Slight crease down the back; crease would be more prevalent in muscular breeds.
  • Fat pad behind the slope of the shoulder is evident.
  • Point of hip not distinguishable.
  • More bloom to rump than a CS #6; beginning of the apple shape rump

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