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The horse’s overall appearance will suggest transition and adequate blending of major structures including the neck with the shoulder and withers, the shoulder with the barrel, and the barrel with the hip; there is no evidence of angularity from inadequate conditioning; no evidence of too much roundness that is associated with subcutaneous fat. This condition score is the center score of the 9 point system; that is, the horse is “not too thin and not too fat”. The back is flat and the ribs are not visually noticeable but easily felt. The fat around the tailhead is beginning to feel spongy and the withers appear rounded. The shoulder and neck blend smoothly into the body.

Withers are rounded over spinous processes. Ribs not visually distinguishable but can be easily felt.

  • Shoulder & neck blend smoothly into body.
  • Back is flat; no crease, ridge or V shape appearance.
  • Fat around tail head beginning to feel spongy.
  • Rump is uniform and blended with slight rounding appearance.

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