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Fat is partially prevalent on the spinous processes but the vertebra are distinguishable; the transverse processes of the vertebra cannot be felt. The ribs are easily seen and there is slight fat cover over the ribs; they do appear less pronounced compared to lower scores. View from the rear of the horse the hindquarters are an inverted V. The tailhead is prominent, but individual vertebrae of the tail head cannot be identified visually. The point of hip appears rounded but easily observed; the point of buttocks iare not noticeable. The withers, shoulders, and neck are noticeable.

  • Point of hip appears rounded; the ribs are not evident from this side view because of the long hair coat.
  • Spinous processes forms a ridge but fat is partially prevalent on the spinous processes.
  • Slight fat cover over the ribs but ribs easily seen; the long hair coat camouflages the prominence; hence the importance of palpation in condition scoring.
  • Hindquarters appear as an inverted V; thigh area has a hollow or indented appearance.

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