Star Milling

March 2015 Newsletter

Star Milling Stock Builder Pellets:

Big Nutrition. Better Value.

Star Milling Stock Builder Pellets are a bite-size, general feed supplement that add vigor, growth, finish and bloom to any class of livestock.

From cattle and goats to horses and rabbits—and many more in between—Star Milling's Stock Builder Pellets are formulated for the specific dietary and nutrition needs of multiple species.

Made with 25 percent protein, yeast culture, and a variety of vitamins and chelated minerals, Star Milling Stock Builder Pellets are the perfect supplement to existing feed. And best of all, they are available at a better price than similar feed supplements on the market.

While different animals need different quantities, Star Milling's Stock Builder Pellets provide the nutrition animals need, when they need it. Some examples include:

  • Cattle - Supplementing cattle feed with Stock Builder Pellets not only gives cattle a better start, but the added nutrition helps them overcome stress during showing, weaning, and breeding.
  • Goats - Stock Builder Pellets supply needed nutrients in a concentrated form. Stock Builder Pellets will benefit goats on the inside by enhancing overall nutrition, and will also make a visible difference on the outside with an added bloom to the coat.
  • Horses - Whether a horse is being fed for the show ring, ranch, or offspring, they perform better when they receive optimal nutrition. Stock Builder Pellets are an option to supplement your horse's feed to maximize performance and production for all levels of activity.
  • Rabbits - To enhance rabbit litter size, health, and rate of gain in fryers, Stock Builder Pellets can be fed with the regular diet. Supplementing breeding stock during times of stress and high activity should result in higher gains for fryers and add bloom to the coat.
  • Sheep - Supplement sheep with Stock Builder Pellets to enhance weight gain during times of stress or to achieve optimal production.

Pick up some Star Milling Stock Builder Pellets today at a feed store near you.