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August 2015 Newsletter

Does Your Horse Need a Few More Healthy Calories?

Does Your Horse Need a Few More Healthy Calories?

Shannon Clawson & Monkey Maker doing what they do best – barrel racing!

Supplement with Integrity Rice Bran!

Horse owners seeking healthy weight gain or weight maintenance for their horse often turn to a rice bran supplement. Available in meal and nugget, rice bran is high in fat and helps horses add the additional calories for buliding a little more lean muscle.

Integrity Lite and Integrity Rice Bran is the perfect combination to keep my horse energetic and performing his best! -Shannon Clawson

Integrity Stabilized Rice Bran is a high fat diet that also adds and enhances a healthy skin coat. One of the attributes that makes this feed superior is that it is calcium-phosphorous balanced. That means that when you add it to a balanced feed, the calcium-phosphorus ratio of the feed will not be altered and your horse will still be fed the nutritionally balanced diet you’ve intended.

Scientific benefits aside, this is just a darn good feed with high quality ingredients like whole ground flaxseed, added Vitamin E, probiotics and prebiotics, to name a few.

Integrity products offer balanced feeds for all types of horses, such as Adult/Senior, Growth, Lite, Performance, Mare & Foal, Low Starch and more. Their horse feeds are available in feed stores throughout California and Arizona.

Integrity feeds are sold at feed stores near you.