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How to Describe Chicken Feathers

Did you know the only two pigments that exist in chicken feathers are black and red? Every poultry feather you’ve ever seen is just a combination of black and red that has been enhanced, diluted, or masked.

Despite their two-tone nature, there are countless feather colors and patterns. Ready to impress your friends? Some of the more descriptive ways to describe them are below. (View more)

Triple Crown Equestrian Center 3033 Gladding Road Lincoln, CA 95648 9am - 5pm

Free Equine Health Seminar

Stop by the Triple Crown Equestrian Center in Lincoln, CA (near Sacramento) on Oct. 28th to learn about your horse’s health. It will cover everything from nutrition to deworming and dental care. Guest speakers include:

  • Dr. Bray, Star Milling’s consulting equine nutritionist
  • Merck Animal Health
  • Lightening Z Equine Dentistry

We still have openings for participation in this seminar! If you would like your horse to be evaluated by the experts, contact Sherry at (530) 852-2931.

Our Lay Feeds Just Got Even Better

Ace Hi Big Feeder and Kelley’s Lay feed formulas have been upgraded to include flaxseed, red pepper meal, and marigold.

FLAXSEEDS significantly increase the omega-3 fatty acid content of eggs, a healthy unsaturated fat.

RED PEPPER MEAL and MARIGOLD are rich sources of xanthophylls, a natural yellow pigment that helps hens produce more colorful egg yolks.

Star Milling Guinea Pig Pellets

Your little piggies will chow down on these pellets! Not only are they tasty, they’re packed with vitamin C, high quality protein, and fiber for good roughage. Now available in 8 lb. bags.

Find a feed store near you and ask if they have any in stock.