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Helping Your Chickens Beat the Heat

Every year the summer feels longer and hotter. We hide indoors, with the air conditioner blasting, drinking ice water and wait for the sun to go down. We manage it until winter comes. But what about the most delicate of our animals, our birds?

How do chickens beat the heat, and what can we do as chicken keepers to help them get through it as comfortably as possible? Keep your chickens cool with these tips and tricks. Continue Reading

Ultra Balance Premium Pet Foods

Star Milling Company produces Ultra Balance Premium pet foods for puppies, adult dogs, and cats. Every bag is packed with goodness for your little companions, including:

  • Omega fatty acids for healthy skin, coat, eyes, and heart
  • Antioxidants for healthy cells and strong immune system
  • Amino acids from quality protein sources
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for healthy and robust digestive system
  • 100% complete balanced nutrition
  • Meat is the #1 ingredient
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

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Integrity Riders Shine at Tevis Cup

It’s a victory for Janet and Sedona! Out of 150 entries at the Tevis Cup, they crossed the finish line at 2:16am, placing 17th out of 64 finishers!

MG Sedona is a 14 year old Arab gelding. He and Janet traveled 100 miles of mountain terrain from Lake Tahoe to Auburn in 21 hours and 1 minute.

Janet and Sedona have been #poweredbyintegrity for many years now and are thrilled to have completed the Tevis race. The motto is “to finish is to win,” and these two are big winners in our book!

Mini-Horses as Guide Animals

Did you know that mini horses can be used as guide animals? That’s right. Horses are natural guides and have been guiding humans for centuries.

The American Disabilities Act regulations even has a specific provision for miniature horses. Taking it a step further, Southwest Airlines recently announced that starting September 17, they will allow mini horses onboard as trained service animals!