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November 2014 Dealer Newsletter

Your Chickens are Molting—Now What?

photo of multiple brown and white chickens in the grass

The warm seasons have come and gone, and your chickens probably rewarded you with an abundance of delicious eggs. But their production is going to start slowing now that fall is transitioning into winter.

This article has a few tips to help you take care of your chickens while they are molting.

Don't worry, be happy

Your bird is supposed to lose feathers and halt egg production this time of year. Let nature run its course and just keep feeding your birds a quality feed like Ace Hi Big Feeder or Kelley's All Purpose. You will want to make sure they always have drinking water too.

Shelter those you love

Your feathery friends should have access to shelter so they can stay comfortable during the upcoming wet and windy months.

Coops should be cleaned more often when it rains or the air has lots of moisture because damp bedding is unsanitary and smells bad. You may also want to switch to a higher quality bedding such as Koop Clean-it smells great and doesn't need to be changed as often as regular bedding. You can pick up a bag at your local feed store.

Birds of a feather, peck each other!

Chickens are more vulnerable to being pecked while their feathers are re-growing because the pink pin feathers catch the attention of other birds. Consider picking up a chicken block so they peck that instead of their coopmates! Ranch-Way Feeds Free-Range Block works very well (pictured right) and is available at most feed stores.

Molting times vary quite a bit from bird to bird. It can take anywhere from three weeks to three months for their feathers to grow back. Following these tips will help get them through this process safely and back to producing eggs in no time!

Star Milling Bird Food

Star Milling has bird food for cockatiels, parakeets, pigeons, and parrots. Your birds will love the taste while getting the nutrition they need.

Don't own a bird? The wild birds attracted by an outdoor bird feeder can bring a fun and relaxing atmosphere to your home. Pick up a bag of Star Milling's Wild Bird Mix at a feed store near you.

Koop Clean Natural Chicken Bedding

Koop Clean Natural Chicken Bedding

Koop Clean is a highly absorbent blend of chopped hay and straw for your chicken coop. This product has grown so popular because it smells great and doesn't have to be changed nearly as often as regular bedding.

Check out the online reviews and see for yourself!

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