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Dr. Bray is a professor, scientist, and lifelong horseman. His passion for equine nutrition led him to develop the Integrity line of horse feeds in 2004.

Dr. Bray is Professor Emeritus in Animal & Veterinary Sciences of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He received his Ph.D. in animal nutrition from the University of Maryland and conducted his Ph.D. research at US Department of Agriculture.

He began working with horses in his early teens. In addition to his professorial and consulting work, he has managed horse farms, bred, raised and shown horses, tracked and conducted research with wild horses, and packed with horses in the High Sierras. Dr. Bray is well published in the sciences for horses and zoo animals, frequently an invited speaker, and has written three manuals on equine care and nutritional management. He has served on several animal industry boards including research advisor to the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board.

Dr. Bray’s numerous articles and Q&A on equine care can be found in Dr. Bray’s Corner at starmilling.com. Horse owners are also welcome to email Dr. Bray questions.


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