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Body Condition Score 2 – Very Thin


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Body Condition Score 2 – Very Thin

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With Body Condition Score 2 (Very Thin), the horse is very thin and angular. The angularity over the spinous processes is less than observed with BCS 1 and there is a slight fat covering over the base of the spinous processes. Slight fat will appear at the tailhead base but the tailhead visually remains very prominent. The ribs, tailhead, point of hip, point of buttocks withers, shoulder, and neck are easily noticeable.

  • Shoulder and neck are noticeable visually and appear disjointed because of the lack of transition between these structures.
  • Angularity and prominent tailhead are very noticeable.
  • Point of hip is prevalent.
  • Observe the hollowness over the hip.
  • Withers are accentuated. Spinous processes and ribs are easily discernible (seen).


Shoulder & neck are noticeable visually & appear disjointed because of the lack of transition between these structures


Visually evident & accentuated; inverted V shape


Angularity is apparent throughout the body but easily noticed in the hindquarter; very slight fat over base of spinous processes; transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae feel rounded


Easily seen


Angularity & prominent tailhead are still very noticeable; point of hip is prevalent

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