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Many horseowners are under the false impression that senior horses require specific nutrients.

Nutritional requirements for adult horses are actually categorized by working or non-working, not by their age. Horse owners should not assume that a horse becomes a senior at some specific age and requires extra nutrition.

I have fed 14-18 year old show horses similar to a 6 year old; ridden horses in the High Sierras that were 18 & 19 years old and packed with mules that were 25-28 years of age.

Then why does Integrity have a product called Adult/Senior?

The nutrition provided by senior and adult pleasure horse feeds are very similar. A formula for senior and adult pleasure horses should contain a modest amount of fat and protein, higher fiber, low or no grains, and vitamins & minerals that are balanced for the required nutrients and soluble fiber. That’s exactly what Integrity Adult/Senior offers.

Take a look at the two columns in the table comparing the similarities of an ideal senior formula and adult pleasure formula. Then review the column of Integrity Adult/Senior that shows how the attributes are near identical to the senior and adult please horse. The protein, fat, energy, and fiber specifications are similar.

Comparison of a Senior & Adult Pleasure Feed relative to Attributes of Integrity Adult/Senior

Ideal Senior Feed Profile Ideal Adult Pleasure Horse Feed Profile Integrity Adult/Senior without molasses
Mcal Digestible Energy /lb. ~1.10 – 1.20 ~1.20 1.18
(modest energy)
% Crude Protein 12 – 13 12 – 13 13.0
(modest protein)
% Crude Fat 4 – 7 6 – 7 6.5
(modest fat)
% Crude Fiber 15 – 18 12 – 16 16
(high fiber)
% Starch < 10 < 12 1.6
(very low starch)
% ESC (Ethanol Soluble Carbohydrate) < 8 < 8 5.9
(low sugar)
Key Ingredients Both feeds should contain sources of soluble fiber, fat, protein, yeast culture & probiotics, and balanced vitamins & minerals. A balanced formula. Soluble fiber sources are beet pulp & soy hulls; fat sources are rice bran & canola oil; protein sources are soybean meal & flaxseed meal; contains yeast culture, probiotics & prebiotic.

~ Approximate

Many horse owners are confused when comparing nutrient summaries. That’s understandable. One senior feed may have 4% fat while another has 10% fat. How do you know which is the right choice?

Well, senior and adult horses do not need a high fat formula. Fat level should be modest (around 6%). If a horse requires more energy, just feed more Integrity Adult/Senior or add Integrity Rice Bran. You can pick some up at a feed store near you.

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