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Squeal Worthy Facts about Mini Pot-Bellied Pigs as Pets

From snuffly snout to curly tail, miniature pot-bellied pigs have become a much loved addition to the exotic pet scene. Pot-bellied pigs are highly intelligent, social, and inquisitive and BEWARE because these little cuties will capture your heart!

Mini pot-bellied pigs are smart, clean, generally non-allergenic, flea-free, and inexpensive to feed. They bond easily with humans and will happily roll over for a tummy rub, as well as snuggle with you. Whether you’re considering adopting a piggy of your own or simply looking to learn more about these adorable oink monsters, we has compiled the ultimate cheat sheet when it comes to everything pig! 

The Cute, The Quirky, and The Piggy

Despite their rising popularity, pot-bellied pigs remain a mystery to many pet owners who’ve considered adding one to their family. Let’s start by exploring the ins and outs of piggy parenthood.

A Mini Overview

Pot-bellied pigs are highly intelligent animals whose goofy, cuddly personalities make for excellent pets. Their average lifespan is 12 to 18 years, with some senior pigs reaching their early 20’s! This means that sweet little piglet is a friend for life. It’s important to consider the commitment prior to leaping into piggy parenthood.

Another factor surprises many owners is size. While mini pot-bellied pigs are far smaller than their barnyard counterparts, a tiny piglet can easily grow to be over 100 pounds! That’s the size of a medium to large breed dog. The good news is that pot-bellied pigs do in fact make excellent house pets. Backyards are ideal for exercise and playtime, while daily walks allow even the most energetic pigs to get that extra energy out, so your big baby is ready for cuddles and naps by dinner time.

Fun Facts to Squeal Over

  • Pot-bellied pigs come in a four main colors; solid black, pink, white, and spotted. 
  • Pigs are opportunistic omnivores which means they love to snack! It’s no accident that their good name has become synonymous with eating almost anything. While showing your pet some love with the occasional table scrap won’t hurt them, it’s important for owners to maintain a high quality, nutritional diet for their snack monsters.
  • Pigs are very vocal, communicating in a range of squeals, oinks, and whines. Mama pigs even sing to their piglets!
  • Belly rubs are the way to a pot-bellied pig’s heart.
  • Due to their high intellect, pot-bellied pigs respond very well to clicker training. They can be quite stubborn, but when given a task that satisfies their curious nature, pigs are quick to learn and respond well to obedience and behavioral training.
  • The idea that pigs are dirty couldn’t be farther from the truth. While they do enjoy a good mud bath to protect their sensitive skin from the sun, pot-bellied pigs are very clean animals.
  • A male pig’s tusks grow throughout their entire lives, much like a hamster’s teeth, and require routine trims by a veterinarian to keep them in top shape.
  • The best age to spay and neuter pot-bellied pigs is between 4 to 6 months.
  • Pigs are highly social creatures and will quickly develop a lifelong bond with their human companions. When trained properly, pot-bellied pigs have a sweet, gentle demeanor that’s sure to charm their human family.

Pigging Out on High Quality Nutrition

When it comes to fueling your pig’s adventures, providing a wholesome diet is key. High quality pot-bellied pig feed should closely mirror an animal’s natural diet. This guarantees the same level of protein and vital nutrients that pigs crave. As omnivores, a wild diet would consist of roots, veggies, nuts, seeds, berries, eggs, and small insects.

Their opportunistic nature means many pet piggies will pick and choose what produce they want to eat while discarding the rest. While fruits, veggies, and healthy treats are excellent for rewarding your piggy on a job well done, offering a “salad” as their main meal can result in fussy eaters ingesting their favorite bites only. 

This is why pellets are the preferred main diet for pet pigs. Owners can rest easy with the assurance of complete nutrition in every meal their piggy enjoys. The team at Star Milling Co. offers the best nutrition for our pet parents and their piglets with products such as Kelley’s Mini Pot Bellied Pig feed or Ace Hi Pot Belly Pig pellets

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