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Unique Backyard Chickens to Add to Your Flock

Whether you’re looking to start a new flock or searching for new breeds to add to your established collection, there are plenty of unique backyard chickens to choose from. Every chicken breed has its own interesting characteristics, but some breeds are known for being extra quirky, loving, smart, and more! We have the scoop on several breeds of unique backyard chickens that will quickly make your flock the envy of the neighborhood.

Orpington chicken


Imagine looking out your window and seeing a happy, ginger-blonde fluff ball wandering around your backyard. Adorable, right? The Orpington is known for being cute, sweet, patient, and extremely docile, so if you have young children this is especially a great pick! The ginger-blonde color is the most popular, but they also come in blue, black, and white. Orpingtons lay one medium/large light brown egg about every other day. Since they have quite a lot of fluff plumage and are heavyset, this breed is great for withstanding cold weather.

Naked Neck chicken

Naked Neck or Turken

Once you lay your eyes on the Naked Neck chicken, you’ll see exactly why they’re so special. This quirky and distinctive breed naturally have no feathers on their necks. It’s been rumored that they are a cross between a chicken and turkey, however, this has been debunked. Since the Naked Neck has the fewest feathers compared to any other chicken, they need shelter from the sunlight to avoid getting sunburnt and to stay warm in the winters. They produce about 100 eggs per year.


This stunning chicken is sure to turn heads due to their unique, frazzled, and fluffy feathers galore. While Frizzles are certainly known for taking home ribbons after shows from their dashing looks, they’re also known for having loving and gentle temperaments. They produce around 150 cream-colored eggs each per year. Frizzles love cuddles, attention, and treats, so don’t be surprised when they make themselves at home quickly within your family.

Barred Plymouth Rock

If you’re looking for an inquisitive, talkative, and sweet chicken – look no further! The Barred Plymouth Rock chicken is extremely friendly and smart. In fact, out of all chickens, they’re the ones that will come running first, jumping for cuddles, and following you around the yard like a puppy! Their chitter-chatter sounds like soft sweet coo’s. They’ll typically lay around 4-5 large, light brown eggs per week and can withstand heat and cold very well. They love having free range but can also handle being confined if needed. These black and white spotted beauties make excellent backyard birds!


The Barnevelder is a one-of-a-kind gorgeous chicken with unique double laced plumage and is known for its rare chocolate-colored eggs. They lay about 3 large eggs per week. This breed is easy-going, friendly, mellow, and quiet. You probably won’t find this breed in your local stores due to them being so rare, but you can find them through a private breeder. The Barnevelder can tolerate being confined and can handle the cold. You simply have to see their gorgeous feathers for yourself!


You’ll find this lovely breed following behind their favorite humans closely and being very sweet. Their distinct black and white patterns make them easy to spot along with their flattened rose comb. Since they’re so gentle they do have a chance at getting picked on by more aggressive breeds. They make terrific mothers and are auto-sexing which means you can tell the sex of baby chicks just by looking at them. Male chicks have scattered head spots while females head spots are smaller and clumped together. They do very well in the cold because of their unique combs.

Crested Cream Legbar

Known for their bright blue-green eggs, this is a rare breed that everyone wants clucking around their backyard. Crested Cream Legbars have the cutest head poufs and big floppy combs. They are sweet-natured and very inquisitive so they will likely want to be all up in your business! They’re great at avoiding predators and move quickly when needed. Cream Legbars are tolerant of confinement, heat, and cold and lay 4-5 of their gorgeous blue-green eggs per week. Similar to the Dominique, they are auto-sexing so it’s easy to tell baby chicks apart. Their quirky personalities will be a welcome addition to your backyard.


Talk about unique… the Silkie breed looks just like a cuddly teddy bear! These cuties are often kept as beloved pets rather than for egg production. Silkies have fluffy, unique feathers ranging from blue, black, white, grey, buff, partridge, splash, and are typically raised as show birds. They lay 2-3 medium, cream-colored eggs per week. Since their silky feathers do not stick together, they can’t fly! This makes them an easy target for outdoor predators and needs higher protection. They’re an easy target for bullying so it’s best to keep them with flocks of their same breed or similar breeds like the Polish.



It’s hard to pick just one breed, isn’t it? They’re all so wonderful. These unique backyard chickens will certainly put a smile on your face every time you look at them. Give your new feathered friends the best treatment with Star Milling Co.’s full range of feed and treats and learn more about poultry from the people who love them!

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