5 Reasons Rabbits Rock

as Family Pets


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Reasons Rabbits Rock as Family Pets

There’s no shortage of good reasons to get a family pet. Not only do animals bring love and warmth into your home, they help teach your kids responsibility, keep them active, and improve social skills. They also help cultivate caregiving skills in young children. While most people think of dogs and cats as the default family pet, let’s look at the multitude of fantastic reasons why you should welcome into your life rabbits as family pets.

With so many good reasons to bring a pet into your life the only real decision you face is, which type of rabbit is right for your family?

So Many Reasons We Love Rabbits

Aside from their adorable little faces, there are many reasons to love rabbits as family pets. For instance, did you know that many people who suffer allergies to dogs and cats don’t face the same problem with rabbits? If you’ve always wanted an animal in your life but find yourself with watery eyes and a runny nose around Fido, Peter Cottontail may be just what you’re looking for! 

1) Eco-Friendly – Bunnies don’t ask you for much, other than your love. They are perfectly happy nibbling on a wide variety of tasty herbs, fruit and vegetables that you can grow for them right in your own back garden. Not only that, but if you use a natural litter, you can compost their waste.

2) Long Lives – Rabbits can live up to 10-12 years, so your furry companion will be with you and your family for a long time to come.

3) Low Maintenance – Are you worried you’ll still be the one doing most of the caregiving many days even if your children swear to you that they’ll take care of their new pet? Don’t worry, rabbits don’t require daily walks, can be litter box trained, and though they do require vet visits they don’t need regular vaccines. As a result, rabbits make great starter pets for your children.

4) Great in Small Spaces – Don’t have a huge yard? Not a problem. Rabbits do well in smaller spaces and even apartments. They don’t need acres to run around in and are happy to just chill with you.

5) Big Personalities in Small Packages – Your new bunny might be small, but there’s so much there to love. Rabbits bond with their humans and they are crepuscular, meaning they are most active in the morning and evening when you want to unwind from a long day or are just getting started. What’s more, studies show that cuddling with your pet is great for your health and reducing stress.

Family-Friendly Rabbit Breeds

Himalayan Rabbit

Well known as one of the calmest and most laid-back rabbits, Himalayan rabbits are great for families with children. They seek out their family for attention and are highly unlikely to scratch or bite. They’re also easy to litter box train, making them the perfect indoor pet.

Harlequin Rabbit

Colorful and distinctive in appearance, this rabbit has about 5 to 7 bands of alternating colors on the body. The color of this cute rabbit’s face is split down the center. This popular rabbit is calm, smart and loves cuddling on your lap.

Mini Lop-Eared Rabbit

Not only is this popular breed of rabbit one of the cutest, they are also one of the most playful. Highly inquisitive, the mini lop-eared rabbit can be trained to do tricks and learn simple commands. They make great pets for older children who want to interact more with their pet and won’t be a threat to their tiny size.

Dutch Rabbit

This breed of rabbit comes in a wide variety of colors such as black, blue (steel grey), chocolate, steel and tortoise. This rabbit is very low stress with a calm and docile personality. They are very smart, train easily, and love to play which makes them a great choice as a good-natured pet for kids.

Rabbit Care & Feeding

Like all animals, you’ll want to make sure your home is safe and ready for your new bunny before bringing them home. Here are a few care tips to remember for getting rabbits as family pets:

  • Rabbit food – Providing a proper diet of fiber rich pellets such as Ace-Hi rabbit food or Kelley’s rabbit food is key maintaining your rabbit’s good health. In addition, they also love hay and healthy green snacks to help balance out their diet along with fresh water that should be changed daily.
  • Litter Box Training – Using a litter box comes naturally to most rabbits. Setting up a litter box with a layer of rabbit safe eco-friendly litter encourages good behavior right from the start.
  • Grooming – Whether you decide to get a long-haired or short-haired rabbit, grooming and brushing is very important. While rabbits are fairly clean animals, they do go through natural shedding cycles throughout the year and they have sharp claws which must be trimmed regularly.
  • Toys – Don’t forget to provide plenty of enrichment and toys for your rabbit in their new environment. Just like people, rabbits get bored easily if they aren’t entertained and it’s your job to make sure they’ve got plenty to keep them occupied from cardboard boxes to hay-filled paper towel tubes.

Bring Bunny Home Today!

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to add a new furry family member to your home and your hearts. Rabbits make great companions and they’ll fill your lives with love and laughs for many years to come.

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