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An Egg in Every Hue: The Secret to Colorful Chicken Eggs

If you’re a new owner of backyard chickens, you may be wondering where in the world these colorful eggs are coming from! Unlike generic store bought eggs, backyard hens lay an interesting variety of colors and sizes. Finding teal eggs in your coop can be a baffling surprise for many owners, but don’t worry; “green” eggs may have a simpler explanation than you think.

Deciding which breed of chickens to add to your flock in order to partake in the rainbow of colors takes a little research. First, a hen’s breed determines what color eggs she’ll produce. Second, a hen will not change their eggshell colors, say from white to pink during their lifetime, although it has been noted that egg colors may become deeper and more intense at the end of their laying cycle. Third, the types of feed you provide has no effect on the color of eggs laid. Lastly, different colors don’t taste different, an egg is an egg.

Believe it or not, a chicken’s earlobe may actually be a good indicator of egg color. A good rule of thumb is to take a look at the hue and guess the type of egg. Chickens with white earlobes tend to produce white or very light teal eggs, while chickens with brown earlobes usually produce brown eggs.

Classic White

This is the shade everyone imagines when owning backyard chickens. While white eggs may appear pristine and picturesque, there is no actual difference in nutrients from one color to another. Think of the shell as your chicken’s way of decorating! Interestingly, white eggs are typically white all the way through, while other colors may exhibit slight variance in layers.

Popular breeds that produce white eggs include Ancona, White Leghorn, Campine, and Blue Andalusian.

Farmer’s Market Brown

Brown or speckled eggs can make your coop look like a picturesque country farm, even if you keep chickens in an urban environment. Taking a closer look at the thin inner layer will reveal the calcium formation that occurs when an egg is produced, giving it the classic white aesthetic on the inside and beautiful brown outside.

If brown eggs are your favorite for a farmhouse breakfast, consider adding Australorp, Plymouth Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, or Sussex hens to your flock.

Easter Egg Teal

Blue eggs are among the most popular colors for backyard chicken enthusiasts. These eggs range from light whitish teal to brilliant sky blue. Perfect for Easter decorating and everyday harvesting, blue eggs make the morning routine more fun. You never know what you’ll find in the coop when you have a flock of colorful layers.

While there are a few breed options for blue eggs (Ameraucana, Easter Egger), Cream Legbar Chickens are our favorite due to their easy going nature and friendly personalities. Cream Legbars are also hardy and resilient — perfect for first time owners or experienced pro’s.

Cozy Cocoa

A variant on the standard lighter brown or Farmer’s Market egg, some hens lay brilliant dark chocolate eggs. Shades can range from hot chocolate to a deep cocoa. These eggs are unique and make a beautiful addition to the breakfast table.

Marans are among the most popular “chocolate egger” breed. These birds are generally docile and make excellent foragers. They’re also well suited to colder weather and do well in northern climates.

Evergreen Olive

Olive or “green” eggs are another shade that belongs in an Easter basket. There’s quite a lot of variance in tone with green eggs and a few speckled varieties as well.

It’s no surprise that the most popular breed for laying springy green eggs is aptly named the Easter Egger. Their eggs tend to be extra large and can range in color from teal, to green, and even light pink! These chickens make great family pets due to their cuddly nature and tolerance of small children. Their outgoing personalities provide hours of entertainment for their chicken moms and dads.

When it’s time to fuel your colorful flock, reward your hens with an all-natural diet that supports egg laying. Holistic health and wellness is critical for your busy hens. Say “thank you” to your girls with Star Milling Co.’s full range of feed, treats, and more for poultry and the people who love them!

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